10 Questions That Can Save Your (Financial) Life!

Everybody knows that in order to do anything great, you have to be greatly trained...

So how well trained are you?

Before you blindly put faith into a teacher, professor, "expert", consultant or "Guru" make sure you ask them (and yourself) these 10 questions.

No more guessing...

I get asked questions like this all the time:

"Azam, how do I find a real mentor?"

"How can I tell if I'm being scammed at a (real estate or other type) seminar?

"I know I need to find a good coach/trainer/Mentor, but who can I turn to and trust?"

Here's the most comprehensive answer I have -

After this you won't have to wonder about it any longer and from now on you'll know that you can instantly find the best help, in the best way for the best results.  And best of all, I'm making this free through this article.

What a guy, right?

Here's the answer...

My neighbor amazes me.

Her husband was an executive for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, he was paid handsomely and had millions in stock, real estate and other investments.

I didn't see him very much.

But I did often spoke with his wife.

Almost every conversation we ever had was about one thing; saving money.

She would call this bargain shopping, and I suppose there is a lot of value in doing that, but her attitude always surprised me because it was so contradictory.  She would have dozens of neighborhood kids "bid" on how much they would do her lawn work for, and then she would buy a $2,000 pair of shoes from the first store she saw them in - no negotiating there.

I guess we're all like that in some regard.

She said her weakness was shoes.  Okay, I'll give her that, but after the 2008 stock market mess they were in trouble and, eventually, foreclosure.

During this time we had a conversation where she was explaining how they had lost nearly all their investment funds.  So I asked her how much checking up she did on the brokers involved -you know, the people you leave in charge of your money - she looked a little taken back.

This is a woman who always knows where the cheapest gas is, which days to buy produce and from what grocery stores for the best price and where to buy used pens and paper for her kids to go to school with - she shopped, studied and did her research before spending a single penny... unless it was on shoes.

She was a savvy woman, and she was rightfully put in charge of the family finances.

This was millions of dollars.

So who was in charge of that?  A 22-year-old who flunked his brokerage test four times.

How did that happen?

Where did all her penny-pinching research go?

"I guess... I just trusted him... because he sounded like he knew what he was talking about..."

That was her reasoning, and as silly as it sounds in this context, it is the exact same thing millions of people do everyday. 

I don't want to see that happen to you...

And, like nearly all problems, the single best solution is education.

No conman sounds like a conman, not the good ones anyway - so whether it is your financial nest egg, your children's money or training to grow your business - one thing is clear -

You better pick the right person!

There is no shortage of people in this world who are ready to take your money in exchange for something they have no intention of (or even qualified experience to) provide.

Right now I'm specifically talking to those people who want to start, grow and/or expand their business and their income - for you the choices you make and the people you trust will make or break your dreams, your future and your profitability.

This is not something to be taken lightly, yet, just like my neighbor I see so many smart, educated and otherwise thoughtful people become victimized by their lack of research and inquisition into some simple background items - just a cursory glance is too often neglected.

The results are disastrous.

Somebody sets out to start a business, they take the wrong advice and end up broke, fighting with their spouse while desperately trying to prove "everybody" wrong and left in a shameful - sometimes suicidal - state.

I won't promise that you'll get rich reading this, but I do promise that if you actually put this in place you're going to be a lot closer to whatever your financial goals are - and you'll be further away from going broke than the millions who don't do this.

Don't Become a SemStat!

A SemStat is just another "Seminar Statistic".

Nearly everybody who attends seminars is broke.

Obviously I'm not against getting educated, but becoming just another statistic?  Just about everybody is, or should be, against that.

In real estate, for example, almost everybody who tries to get into that business ends up broke and worse off than when they started.  Too many people also end up with a closet full of high-priced "courses", "Bootcamps" and "home study programs" that they purchased and shelved away.

In real estate, too many people think going to your local real estate investor association (REIA) is the place to go, where a well dressed man (sometimes a woman) stands before the room and tells a story about how they used to be broke and wanted to get into real estate.

Then, like magic, they discovered a "secret formula" that has made them rich.

Yes, that really has happened to some people who became financially successful, but if it really happened to the speaker - where's the proof?

Too few people ask for it.

It is easier to flock to the back of the room and BUY.

Imagine if everybody in real estate just got a little smarter... a little more curious and little less eager to blow money... what if they just asked a few more questions?

There would be a massive shift.

I'm not saying everybody selling stuff is full of it - there are geniuses in this world and I highly recommend finding them and paying them whatever it takes to learn from them - I have done it, and still do.

What I'm suggesting is getting a little smarter...

So let's get into it -

Below are 10 simple questions that you should ask yourself about a "guru", an "expert", a consultant, a professor, etc. basically anybody who you are going to pay (in time and/or money) to teach you how to make more money.

I'm going to call these guys "Guru Guys" because so many of the bozos in the real estate seminar industry call themselves "Gurus".  Almost none of them have any idea what they hell they're doing.

Almost nobody in the world knows how to build a business - just look at the statistics - so this should help you isolate and learn from only the best.



1.) "Am I scared of the trainer?"

What to ask and AVOID:

If you're children were going to be sodomized and murdered, and the only chance you have to save them is to compete with the trainer or "Guru Guy" in question in a money-making competition - how scared would you be?  Have they demonstrated a skill level that makes you nervous about competing with them?  I don't mean based on what they say - I'm talking about based on what they do - are you scared of them?

What to look for:

Are you scared of their skill?  You should be.  Hell, you should be scared sh**less of them.  The more nervous they make you, the better.  That is the Trainer you want, the one that will make you do what you need to - not what you want to.  Stephanie Bell, a member of our Team, once sat down and got the President of the United States on the phone - purely from cold calling.  How would you feel about competing with her?  (answer: she will most likely hand you your a**)

2.) "Who else is getting 'rich'... if anybody?"

What to AVOID:

Does every parable, example and exaggerated story involve the Guru Guy being the hero?  Does their entire explanation revolved around how they work, what they're doing and how much they're making?  Everybody needs a Team, where is their Team?  More importantly, are people on their Team making any real money or getting rich - or is it just them... if that?

What to look for:

Nearly everybody I've worked with wants to build a company that not only makes them money, but allows them to work with people they love - anybody in America can make money, but it is helping other people making money that really makes this worthwhile.  You should be looking for an entire Team of people who work with your Trainer, and each of them should have substantial successes (with proof) about how well their training has paid off.  These aren't testimonials by the way, these are the people who work with your Trainer day in and day out - if they're all broke or if the organization is a revolving door, that says a lot about their ability to find, train and retain skilled people.

3.) "Will I be working directly with the Trainer, or a cubicle-coach?"

What to ask and AVOID:

Buying a book, or a course is one thing - and it is a great idea.  But I think you're main goal in doing that should be to find somebody who you can really "get behind" and who can get behind you.  Getting personally trained, held accountable and coached is one of the surest ways to master anything - you just have to find the right Trainer.  Notice I said Trainer, not the Trainer's staff.  If you're paying for Training, why settle for people who you probably don't even know?  Are you sure that these "coaches" aren't working in cubicles and looking up your answers on a rolodex of default responses?  You should be ready to pay big money for this by the way, because anybody who knows what they're doing - their time is valuable, so if they spend it with you, be ready to pay.  But if you're getting just "somebody" to coach you, then why bother?  Find a way to get the main Trainer (the one who impressed you) to work directly with you, be persuasive because this decision can change your life and make all the difference to your business.

What to look for:

Simple; find the best, and do whatever it takes for them to take you by the hand (PERSONALLY!) and walk you through everything.  Don't settle for anything less than this, you deserve more, your family deserves more - your dreams deserve more.

4.)  "Is this Guru Guy just selling shovels?"

What to ask and AVOID:

During the famous American Gold Rush in the 1840s and 1850s more money was made selling shovels and extractive tools than was ever made selling gold.  Is this Guru Guy just selling a shovel, or have they ever mined?  Can they prove it?  Take their biggest proven success/es, and ask yourself if that is really all that impressive to you.  The delusion about the difference between a shovel seller and a real Trainer is so surreal that now many Guru Guys use their accomplishments as shovel salesman to brag - you'll hear things like "I've shared the stage and spoken with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, etc." in order to impress you.  The bottom line is that no matter how long they've done it, or how much, a shovel salesman is still just a shovel salesman.

What to look for:

Somebody who doesn't need to sell programs and courses to stay afloat, this is simple to identify when you use the other criteria mentioned on this page.  If a majority of their time is spent "speaking" then there is almost no chance they do much more than sell shovels.  Ironically the more they speak, or the more well known they are as a "Guru Guy", in general, the less likely you should take them seriously.

5.) "Do they tell me to fake it until I make it?"

What to ask and AVOID:

RED ALERT - RED ALERT - RED ALERT - this is almost always terrible advice but something that amateurs love to hear because the thought process is "Oh yeah, that's my problem, I'm letting people know that I'm starting out - but I should trick people into thinking that I'm rich and successful - yeah that'll make me more likeable, credible and successful!"  This is crazy thinking, and the only examples I know of where this has paid off is when the individual had undying passion - and even then being endearing (see below) was what saved them.  The real reason why this is such a no-no?  Think about it, if this expert suggests it, they probably "faked it until they made it" themselves - so what is their expertise really worth?  And what phase are you seeing them in - are they faking it, or did they "make it"?  If they "made it", then you know they faked it - so why the hell would you take them seriously?  Too many people do...

What to look for:

There is enormous power in being endearing, if you're nervous for example, one of the most effective things you can do is acknowledge your nervousness and ask for feedback; "Honestly you seem much more experienced than me, and I'm kind of nervous talking to an expert like you - do you mind helping me out for a second?"  What human being can turn that down?  Want to know a secret?  I use that exact phrase almost everyday, you can get almost anybody do almost anything if it comes from a place of endearment.  Your Trainer should be somebody who understands influence and gaining compliance without suggesting that you lie, mislead or misrepresent yourself as something that you're not - aren't there enough people in the world like that?  Why pay for somebody to "teach" to become another?  When you hear this, you know you're talking to the wrong person.

6.) "Will I be trained to have a job, or build a business?"

What to ask and AVOID:

This is one of those places where the boys are separated from the men - the girls from the woman.  I recommend that you do what you love - what you're passionate about, what you want your life "to be about".  But if you feel like you aren't in a position to afford that, then get into real estate or business to generate income so that you can finance your passion - NOT to be a full time real estate investor.  Does the Guru Guy know how to build a substantial income of at least $10,000 - $30,000 a month in less than 10-15 hours a week?  Can they prove that people have gone through this training and have done it?  Not just that somebody made ten grand - no - can they prove that an income was created and the business generated income regularly?  This business should be "runable" from anywhere in the world, and it should take less and less time for the owner (you) to grow it - can they prove they know exactly how to do that?  Or do you (maybe) do a deal and then you're out of business until you hunt again?  Big difference.

What to look for:

Simple; income and business growth.  You want to see detailed testimonials that involve regular income - not just a payday and NOT just equity - something like ten grand a month, or 100 grand a month, you should look for somebody that knows exactly how to start a company from scratch and get to those numbers.  Then make sure they've trained others to do the same, this is really cool because from now you'll see right through BS examples and you'll know if this Guru Guy really knows how to build a business versus a 40-60 hour a week job.  You won't be fooled again.  And make no mistake, almost nobody on the planet knows how to do this, so you're search may leave you discouraged at first, but keep looking - your prize will be worth it.

7.) "Has this Guru Guy been tested in diverse markets, industries and areas... or were they just born online?"

What to ask and AVOID:

Have they just had success in a microscopic niche, under unbelievably optimistic circumstances?  I know of one real estate guru that works in one neighborhood, and that's it.  Learning from them is like learning how to read Karpac (a language spoken in a remote region of Asia and only by a few hundred people) - and another Guru Guy made millions selling seminars and he only worked in his core city - it was in Arizona, the hottest market in the country at the time, a place where a monkey could pick a house, buy it for 110% of the asking, and still make "money" (equity).  That kind of training is as simple as picking houses blindfolded - what the hell good is this kind of "training" to anybody who wants to make regular money and build a business... as useful as Karpac is to you now.

What TO say:

Anybody can get rich in America, I mean come on, it's AMERICA - hell we give money away and we have so much food here that people are allergic to it.  You should look for somebody that has gone to remote areas around the world, and built companies in places with no electricity, running water or even enforced laws.  Isn't that the kind of Trainer you really want?  A total Badass that can build an Empire anywhere in the world?  Most people want to travel, wouldn't it be great to go on vacation abroad, and while you're there start, run and grow a side company - an extra piece of your Empire?  You should look for somebody that has done it, under harsh conditions, every conceivable area, market, industry, etc. and can prove that not only have they done it but they have successfully trained others to do so well.  DO NOT SETTLE, especially when you combine this with number eight...

8.) "How did this Guru Guy's business do during the Great Depression II?"

What to ask and AVOID:

I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!  In the years leading up to the real estate "crash" bozo Guru Guys around America were going on and on about how much money they've made in real estate, and how much you can make too, right?  Guess what?  EVERYBODY was making money in real estate (by the way almost all of them were regular HOMEOWNERS NOT INVESTORS) because it was the hottest market America has ever seen, the real question is... what happened to those guys when the "recession" started?  I call it The Great Depression II to add to the media hype, but how did the Guru Guy in question do?  Sure, they all say they weren't affected and that business had "never been better", but at the same time they were quietly going out of business (yes, seriously!) and watching their seminar attendance numbers fall a cliff - they were hurting real bad, why?  Should you really pay attention to somebody who can only make money in real estate when everybody else is?  Shouldn't you look for somebody that can make a killing regardless of what is going on in the world?

What to look for:

I'm not one of those people that brags about much more money we made during the last Depression... in fact I almost never talk about how much I'm making period - I brag about others, shamelessly and constantly.  What you should really look for is somebody whose business model didn't need to change during that time, somebody who not only made a killing themselves as they expanded their companies - but somebody who trained others who continued to thrive during that "terrible economy", why?  Because it is not everyday that something like that happens and skill becomes so easily visible - the Depression made spotting killer companies as easy as pie.  You should keep in mind that your time, money and energy are deserving of a Trainer who can teach you how to hit record numbers within your company - regardless of what other people are moping and whining and about.  If you're Guru Guy was one of the mopers and whiners, keep looking.  I know this will knock out almost all of the wannabes, but again DO NOT SETTLE - you should believe and know that you're worth it, worth more.

9.) "How diverse is Guru Guy's body of work?"

What to ask and AVOID:

Do they just put on seminars?  Do they just do single family residential real estate?  Just apartments?  "Wholesaling"?  Rehabs?  Is there anything outside of real estate even?  In other words, will you just learn how to spell a word or how to use the dictionary so that you can spell any word?  Short sales are a marvelous waste of time for just about everybody, is that their focus?  Is their "focus" really what you want your life to be about?  After your death do you really want your tombstone to read "full time Wholesaler?"  Are you going to be trained to run a real business, or are you just going to be chasing sellers, going to courthouses and arguing with banks?  Can the Guru Guy show you how to start, grow, buy, sell, etc. any business that you pick out of any phonebook in the world?  Are you just learning to do a job and get paid per hour?

What to look for:

Once the foundation of business growth, dialog compliance and positioning and Empire skills are understood - let alone mastered - your limits are only your imagination.  Look for a Trainer who has worked with hundreds or thousands of unrelated businesses and grown them substantially, a standard real estate investor or speaker just won't cut it - you're better than that.  Look for somebody that has grown companies around the world, in different industries, economic climates and environments - that is the Training everybody wants - so start demanding it.

10.) "The real test - how many companies has Guru Guy started, grown and sold?"

What to ask and AVOID:

Everybody - especially real estate clowns at seminars - loves to think they understand "systems" and that they're business runs "without them".  This is almost always BS, some of them are so silly about this they claim that hiring "virtual assistants" in India is the solution.  Really?  How many companies have they actually sold or taken public?  This is such a good test because if you're really able to grow a business, run it and have it grow without your immediate involvement (remember, the stats tells us that this is something almost nobody in the world knows how to do) then you should have no problem turning around and selling it - has Guru Guy?  If not, keep looking.

What to look for:

Even if you don't want to sell your company, don't you want to be able to?  Wouldn't it be great to get Wall Street and other investors lined up to pay you millions to be a part of your company?  That is a skill, and the way that you build a company - an Empire - is totally different than the way almost everybody normally does it - and it is why they almost all end up statistics.  Look for somebody that has done this correctly and repeatedly, because only the Trainer that has done it - can Train you to do the same.

Some final words...

You want to have Policies, training and your highly trained Team in place to help you build a business and turn into an Empire.  Your team should be trained with dialog and held accountable, I often hear people say that they want to be in real estate full-time.  Really?  Really?  Or do they want to a full-time income - not the same thing.

You're either trained and you know what you're doing, or you're just guess.

I have a test that'll help you determine what kind of company I train people to build.

Do you have what it takes to go from zero to $100+ million?

The test is here:


Almost nobody knows how to do this - your top priority should be to find someone who does.

Make it happen,

- Azam

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