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"An Incredible Secret That Almost Everybody Ignores...
Taught to me by the richest person I've ever met..."

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A very (painfully) personal letter from Azam Meo,

If you're a real estate entrepreneur or small business owner - or you want to be - and you're still craving the big bucks, so much so that you're sick and tired of losing sleep because you're living so far beneath your potential...

Allow me to help -

What its NOT...

It is NOT because you don't know the internet marketing, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. "tricks"...

It is NOT because you don't have a website or answering service to "do the work for you"...

It is NOT because you don't hire enough "virtual assistants" who barely speak English...

It is NOT because you don't have "motivated sellers"... (isn't every seller motivated?)

It is NOT because you aren't following the right real estate or marketing "Guru"...

It is NOT becuase you aren't faking it 'til you make it "good enough"...

It is NOT because you don't have "enough" signs on your car...

It is NOT because you aren't on Twitter or Facebook...

It is NOT because you just aren't in the "right market"...

It is NOT because you are in a "bad economy"...

It is NOT because your area is "different"...

No, No, NO.

The answer is much, much simpler.

In fact, I already gave it to you.

And it is so simple that almost everybody ignores it.

Here's some PROOF that almost nobody gets "it"

Even in America, so few people ever make any real money - it is unbelievable.

And I'm not talking about making millions either, just making $10,000 - $30,000 a month in net income is a complete deal breaker for almost every business owner.

This is isn't just in real estate either, pick any business in any industry.

Almost everybody remains broke.

Spinning their wheels in frustration.

Eventually becoming just another statistic.

Maybe you're starting a business, thinking about starting your company or maybe you have a current business (in real estate or otherwise) and you feel like  you've hit a plateau and you're not clear on how to take things to the next level.

Either way, the fact remains that if you're an entrepreneur and you're brave enough to start from scratch (where most of us start) you have almost no chance of success.  How about finding a suitable trainer?  Almost no chance of that either.

How can I say that?

Look at the numbers every year - they don't change - if there was a large movement or group of people that knew what they were doing, then why does almost everybody fail?

The Government Says You're Successful If...
you don't go bankrupt!

How's that for lowering the bar?

Imagine starting a business on the internet, and a year later you've spent tens (or hundreds) of thousands and you have yet to make a single penny.  This happens everyday by the way.

A few more years go by and you've put everything you have into growing this business, every penny, and you still haven't made any money.

Fast forward a little longer and now you are bankrupt, divorced and looking for work.

Well guess what Uncle Sam thinks?

As long as you exist and haven't completely disappeared - that's a success; not failing.

Sad, huh?

What's more sad is that the numbers don't change.

Historically they remain just about the same; almost everybody fails at the money game.

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started, if you have a current business (in real estate or otherwise) that is struggling or even if you're killing it right now - the real question is how are you going to grow your company into Empire that runs with or without you?

The statistics - the factual data - tell us that almost nobody knows how to do this, so I'll make this real simple...

So what group are YOU in?

Let' see.

Ask yourself how often you hear yourself others say (or feel) the below phrases.

Be honest now, it is the best way for us to learn and grow.

Here's how it feels to be an untrained beginner or newbie...

"What am I doing wrong?  I did everything I was supposed to and I'm still spinning my wheels?"

"Every time I find something that could be a deal, there are 100 other investors are all over it and I feel like I just can't compete!"

"I went to my local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) like I was supposed to, but all the people there did was pitch me and try to sell stuff... and it worked, so now I have a storage full of books, CDs and 'Wealth Bootcamp' nonsense."

"When I talk to sellers and real estate agents, they treat me like an idiot and don't return my calls."

"I would do whatever it takes to get things going, I just need a little guidance."

"There are so many people in my life I'd like to help financially, but I just don't know how?"

"I actually want to help people, but from what I know all I know how to do is take advantage of people."

"My business is stuck, this year is going to look a lot like last year..."

"I'd love to hire help, but I just don't think I can afford any real good help... that speak English."

"I'm just scared, I don't know where to start and I feel like a loser."

Here's how it feels to be an untrained but  "experienced" investor...

"The money is okay... but I'm breaking my back and working like a dog, there has to be a better way."

"My numbers this year are going to look exactly like last year."

"I just don't see how I can subtract myself from my business, I am my business."

"This used to be fun, but I now that I want to move on to something else I feel trapped because if I stop working I stop making money."

"Business is okay, but I want to spend time with family and I just don't know how to make that happen without killing my revenue."

"Every time I walk away from my business - even for a few minutes - it seems like everything falls apart and I have to start over from scratch."

"All day I'm putting out fires, I rarely have time to spend growing my company."

"I'm making more than I would at a job, but I still  have a job and I feel like I'm cheating on my business to spend time with family and friends."

"I'd love to sell my company and be done with it, or start a new business in another industry, but I just don't know how - what's worse is that I don't know what will to my company once I'm gone."

"I would love to give my company to my children and pass it down through generations, but how can I do this without just giving them a series of jobs like I have now?"

And lastly, the third group is made of two smaller groups.  One portion are the "experts" or the know-it-alls (the people that chant things like "I've been doing this 35 years...") and the other portion are the complete idiots, or the voluntary victims.

What these people say, is usually code for what they really feel.

So to help understand them better I've provided translations.

Here's how it feels to be an untrained "expert", know-it-all, idiot or voluntary victim...

"There are no secrets in real estate investing."
(or "no secrets" in whatever industry we're talking about)
Translation: "I know everything."

"That doesn't work."
Translation: I tried it, and I didn't have immediate success or instant gratification so instead of being ambitious and making it work - I gave up.  Now whenever anybody brings it up, I'm threatened by their potential success because it would force me to admit my own shortcomings (if somebody else did it and I didn't, then it was my fault) so instead of facing this potentially painful admission I'll just write it off and hopefully discourage my audience from proving me wrong or making me look bad.  Phrases like this are a great way to justify my incompetence.

"That doesn't work in my business/area/industry."
Translation: I'm not smart enough to find a way to make the connections (the definition of intelligence!) to my situation so instead of even trying, I quit every time.  To glorify my quitting I will invalidate any and every idea that may reveal my ignorance or humble me by providing knowledge and education.  I'm dangerously loyal to ignorance, so phrases like this are a great way to justify my lack of intelligence.

"That stuff doesn't work for anybody!"
Translation: Instead of claiming that "it" doesn't work for just me, I need a way to justify my laziness.  So this is a great way to not only explain my lack of activity, but it also allows helps me feel smarter than others who are attempting something that I know doesn't work.  In the unfortunate event that somebody proves me wrong, I still have a backup plan to avoid learning; I can still say that it "doesn't work in my area."  I use phrases like this to justify my laziness.

"I've been doing this for 35 years, there's nothing new under the Sun."
In reality I've had one year of experience repeated 35 times.  By now it is too painful to admit flaws or learn to overcome incompetence, so my hope is to conceal my ignorance and lack of skill by advertising my seniority.  It would be terrifyingly embarrassing to admit that I've been things wrong for decades.

So I ask you again...

What group are you in?

Do you feel a sense of certainly when it comes to growing your company?

Or are you just guessing?

I supposed the answer of "Training" is a little vague, so let me clear up what I mean - and more specifically how you can tell if you're on the right page.

Before I do though, I want to stress that almost nobody the planet understands what I'm conveying to you, and yes I know how that may sound - but take a look at the statistics and the research yourself - almost everybody fails, and fails miserably, they aren't doing it on purpose, are they?

See most people are so deluded that they don't even know the difference between the training they should be seeking, and the training they are getting (everybody is being trained, whether they know it or now) so the first real challenge is understanding that difference.

It can save your life.


Think of it this way...

Building a BUSINESS requires a completely different skill set and training...

Do you recognize these side effects of bad training?

Too many people are just guessing.

And they'll guess themselves all the way to Statisticville - most likely dying broke.

You may be thinking, "Oh Azam, is it really that bad?"  Maybe or maybe not, you tell me.

Side Effects of Bad Training...

You waste time becoming an ambulance chaser, hunting for people in divorce, unemployed or with recently deceased family - because that means their "motivated" and more likely to accept your shi**y offer.

You waste time on "teleseminars" and at "Weekend Bootcamps" where you spend thousands upon thousands (without verifying the claims of the "Guru") hoping that this time you'll finally get the magic bullet

You waste time learning to become a handyman so that  you can waste even more time fixing properties, cleaning out houses and doing yard work to add "curbside appeal"

You waste time getting your credit cleaned so that you can borrow money from a bank (that you're bailing out anyway) because you think it "takes money to make money".

You waste time by finding ways to put money into deals by borrowing from friends, credit cards, family, etc. because you think you have to have "skin" in the game

You waste time searching courthouse records and trying decipher novels of legal language, because maybe "that's where the deals are"

You waste time doing short sales, trying to convince idiotic, hopeless banks that their property is really worth "a lot less"

You waste time looking at properties and going to Home Depot to price-shop for the best deal on a used refrigerator.

You waste driving around neighborhoods looking for drug dealers, prostitutes and other "bad signs"

You waste time learning how to fill out pages of legal  paperwork so that you do things "right"

You waste time making hundreds of offers because you've been told it is a "numbers game"

You waste time trying to convince your family and "friends" that you aren't just a wannabe

You waste time making excuses for your tenants not paying you their rent on time.

You waste time sending junk mail that is thrown away faster than a used condom.

You waste time getting your real estate license so that you do things "legally"

You waste time negotiating with bank/ers for impatient, thankless sellers

You waste time looking at properties and inspecting them for "defects"

And... ultimately, you end up just another statistic.

Don't become just another statistic!

Nobody sets out to waste time, spin their wheels, lose money, piss away opportunity or die broke - it just "happens", right?

Not really.

The fact is too often people have been so demoralized, deluded and even defrauded that they wouldn't know a golden ticket if it were handed to them on a silver platter... it is so much easier to write it off than get your hopes up - like a defense mechanism.

Here's the sad reality

So right now I'm going to let you in on what I'm doing to solve this problem for you, me and all of us trying to make things better...

"So, how good is your training Azam?"

First I should explain that when you go through my whole story (the link is below) you'll see that I was working with companies and growing businesses for some time before I worked with real estate investors - and I started working with investors almost by accident.

But when I started training individual entrepreneurs (in real estate and otherwise) I learned how different a real entrepreneur's mindset is from many the employees I was used to working with.

It was a great switch, and something I immediately fell in love.

Then I learned that there was an entire network of "real estate gurus" who traveled around the country speaking and teaching their secrets, philosophies and ideas on how to make money in real estate.

"How great!" I thought...

The ability to pick the brains of people who are making it happen in real estate?

To learn from experts that can help your company grow?

To be around GURUS who can teach their secrets?

That's just too hard to refuse, right?


As I heard more about these guys and gals, spent time listening to them and tried to pick their brains - I realized something painfully obvious... as I got more and more into their mindset and even when I would talk to them individually it was apparent that their money came from...

Teaching NOT Doing

And, what's worse, they normally weren't making that much money teaching either.

And, very often, they never "did" very well either before they started teaching.

So, basically, their entire business model was...

Pretend you're successful and sell others your "Secret"

Now I'm not putting all of these people down, at least they are taking action and (hopefully!) helping at least some people - so good for them.

And I'm not saying that listening, studying, purchasing, learning from, etc. a vast source of outlets is a bad thing - it is a great thing and honestly if you don't learn from somebody it says more about you than anybody else because a great mind always finds lessons to learn from.

You should mercilessly hunt for excuses to learn.

Find excuses to learn - instead of learning to find excuses.

So no matter who you're talking to, where you are or how stupid your company seems - a willing mind always finds lessons.

Anyway, you can learn from anybody... anybody.

That's my point.

With that said so many of the real estate "gurus" were more interested, involved and dependent on selling their information than they were in actually helping people succeed.  This is shy so many people were coming to me and wanting to be on that bus.

It had less to do with me and more to do with the credibility and real-worlded-ness of what we were doing.  Then, slowly, as the crowds got larger, as one bus became so crammed that we didn't have enough room for anybody else - as I started working with more and more people over the Internet, around the state... around the country... and later around the world... something happened...

I (reluctantly) became (called) a "Guru"

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but before I knew it people were in forums and chat rooms asking about my stuff.

My stuff?

I didn't have any stuff - and I still really don't.

The only program I offer is at:

And I wrote parts of that program while I was on that bus because I wanted the people who weren't able to get a seat to have something work with so they didn't have to leave empty-handed.

That is the only material (aside from the Alliance Project) that the general public would know about because the other training I've done is largely based on referrals and working with individual companies.

So I didn't think I was much a "guru" and over the years I've went out of my way to make sure that people don't mistake me for one - I don't want to be put in that group and I don't want to be known as a "guru".

Well anyway, that's how the "guru" title got thrown around.

I'm a real person though, and I've put blood, sweat and tears into everything I train and teach with - and I'm thankful that people notice that.  Even though I've had more than my share of critics, and although there is plenty to critique I'm sure, one thing is for sure; nobody questions my credibility.

You may not like me, my attitude, how I look, how I speak, what I say, etc.

But you won't ever have to wonder...

"Does Azam know what he's talking about?"

At least not if you spend any time "checking me out".

Speaking of which we still have to answer the question above:

"So how good is your training Azam?"

Ironically not enough people ("gurus" or trainers I mean) really understand what this means - it has less to do with what I've accomplished or how much money I've made, of course that is important to establish - but to measure the strength of my training one must look at those that I've trained, right?

Common sense, right?

Well in a moment I'm going to get into what others have done with my stuff, but first here is a rough outline of the three main phases in the Student Alliance Project:

I Train You, We Split Your Profits...

My go here's a brief glimpse of what others - NOT ME - but what others, clients, students, etc., have done with my stuff...

The ONLY training on the planet where you can see exactly how to take your company from zero and sell it for huge numbers (we're talking eight and even NINE figures here), take it public or leave it for your children to grow

The ONLY training on the planet you can buy, sell and own companies like Subways, Dunkin Donuts, etc. with no money down, no credit check, without getting loans - or any of that other BS.

The ONLY training on the planet where you can learn exactly how to start your business and hit $10,000 - $30,000 a month in NET income by working less than 10-15 hours a week

The ONLY training on the planet you can buy, sell, rent real estate - across the world - without leaving your house, getting your credit checked or even talking to a bank

The ONLY training on the planet where a student can own theatres, airports and even luxury jets - with no money into the deal and without even being in the country

The ONLY training on the planet where you can buy, sell, own and grow virtually any business you want - no money down, no credit check, no loans, etc.

The ONLY training on the planet where you see how just two signs a month made a student about $50,000 a month... in less than five hours a MONTH

The ONLY training on the planet that has been proven to take companies from zero to $10 million, $20 million and even $100 million and beyond

The ONLY training on the planet where you see exactly how a young lady cold-called her way to the President of the United States

The ONLY training on the planet with the single highest success rate of trainees, clients and students


This is the ONLY training on the planet proven...

Does my stuff "really work"?

Are you kidding me?

By the way...

Make Me PROVE It!

You'll notice some outrageous claims and wild - even unbelievable - stories of success - so hold me to higher standard and make me prove it.  In a moment I'll send you to a page where you can see, listen and watch undeniable proof of every claim that I make.

My Mentor Program has now been added onto and expanded into the Alliance Project, this is my holding your hand and walking you through every step of the process - so it is important that we both qualify each other.

I only select a small, tiny, almost microscopic group to work with because I don't want standard seminar junkies wasting my time and bringing the group down.

I'm serious about that - dead serious. entrepreneur irrefutable, undeniable and shocking proof?

This page explains everything,
and includes a "Proof" section that you have to see to believe...

Go here now:

Not only will get to watch the Special Episode that explains how we can work together, how I'm building our Team and we can partner after you're trained with my stuff - but you'll also get to go through the five part Debriefing which will help you even more.

You'll be able to take the Empire IQ Test and see exactly what kind of company I train people to build...

You'll get the Personality Test to see if you're a good fit for this project...

And, of course, you'll get to go through the Proof items that verify everything I'm saying...

So check it out, and don't be lazy (another characteristic of "statistics") and make sure you go through everything and see if you qualify - all the details and instructions are right there on the page, so go here now:

And see if you qualify.

You'll thank me.

See you there,


Oh yeah - one last thing - this is something I would've killed for when I was starting, so either way you should go watch the Special Episode (above) and ask yourself one very important question:

"Am I really properly trained; how will I avoid becoming just another statistic?"